The Gateway Sour That Got Me Into Sour Beers

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Gateway Sour That Got Me Into Sour BeersI always joke that I have a gateway sour that got me into sour beers. I used to hate sours. My brother would have me try them over and over again at bottle shares and I never liked them. I would always give them a chance, but I was not a fan of that tart pucker reaction. I never liked sour candy as a kid, so it made sense to me that I wouldn’t like sour beer.

It was in September of 2012 that all changed. I was at my brother’s brewery and they had guest taps along with their beers. He convinced me to try a sour beer they had. It was Mestreechs Aajt Sour Ale, brewed by Gulpener Bierbrouwerij out of the Netherlands.  Guess what? I loved it!! Like love loved it. I posted a photo on Facebook at the time and titled the caption “best sour ever!” Here is my super awesome non-filtered, and slightly not in focus photo from 2012 for reference. Gateway Sour That Got Me Into Sour Beers

After that it was kind of a snowball effect. I really got into sours and have never looked back. Now it’s one of my favorite styles of beer. Two of the breweries I am a member at specialize in sour beer. I actually have not had the Mestreechs Aajt Sour Ale since 2012. I often wonder if I tried it now if I would even like it, since my palette has changed so much over the years towards sour beer. The next time I happen to come across that beer, it’s a personal little experiment I’m looking forward to trying one of these days.

Do you have a gateway beer that got you into sours or were you a fan of sours from the start? How about other styles of beers? What beer do you remember being the first of that particular style that you fell in love with?

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